Commerical Law

Commercial law solicitors providing you with beneficial legal advice for day-to-day business dealings.

PPI Tax Reclaim

At Legal Assist, we can help you with everything that is involved with reclaiming your PPI Compensation.

Marriage Tax Allowance Claims

We understand that paying regular taxes is hard and any little bit of help can help release some pressure.

Mediation Services

Our mediators are a neutral entity and they offer unbiased opinions which will help you find a solution.

Translation Services

Our Expert Language Translators don't just translate the word, they provide translations that hits the mark.

Property Surveys

Our property surveys are tailored to highlight potential problems in the property so that they are fixed before the transfer of ownership.

Mis Sold Financial Product

You can file for compensation if you are unhappy with the product sold to you from a financial company.

Employment Law

With our commercial and strategic expertise, we have helped employees effectively deal with their employment law issues.

Mortgage advice

Having a mortgage advisor work for you is the best option as they have wide knowledge about what mortgages are available and at what prices.

Property damage claims

If your property got damaged because of no fault of your own, then we have the right team for taking care of it.

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